This space is a blank canvas for the science community to exchange ideas, information, and inspiration about the ways we can use social media to do and share our research.

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This wiki was launched in conjunction with a seminar led by Liz Neeleyof COMPASS and Scientific American blogger Christie Wilcox, as part of the Beyond the Ivory Tower Series on broadening the impact of scientific research at the University of Washington.

The hashtag we use in conjunction with this discussion is #UWsmfs


  • Read the Getting Started page for a fast overview of 'how to' participate here
  • Add yourself to the Participants List
  • Ask a question (or answer one!) on the Questions page
  • Start adding your favorite links to the Resources page
  • Be sure to tag all your photos, tweets, blog posts, etc with #UWsmfs
  • Start a list for everyone tweeting #UWsmfs on Twitter
  • Make a Google+ circle for everyone in the #UWsmfs conversation
  • Create a new page in the wiki and start curating a blogroll